Who are we?

Covatic is a specialist software engineering start-up. We are passionate about developing more valuable airtime for broadcasters and truly personalised content discovery for users. Meet the team

An evolving industry

The broadcast industry is in a state of flux.
The adoption of video on demand and television everywhere services, has led to a monumental shift in the viewing habits and expectations of audiences. Traditional broadcasters are now seeing their airtime reduced, with advertisers missing out on essential interactions with the public too.

These newer services give viewers ultimate control over where, when and how they watch content – which is great, but this explosion of choice has created a new problem. Finding engaging content has become a time-consuming and frustrating exercise – resulting in poor satisfaction, decreased engagement and quickly diminishing relationships with broadcasters and advertisers.

A new world of content discovery

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why our solution enables the unique delivery of content that users will enjoy, at the time they want it on the device of their choice – helping broadcasters to build closer relationships with their customers.

Academic excellence...

As a spin-out from the University of Oxford, our technology is backed by ground-breaking research in semantics and knowledge representation and is built by experts from across the broadcasting industry.

...in practice

Though our expertise and licensed IP, we will create unparalleled personalised experiences which will lead to increased brand reputation, valuable airtime, targeted advertising and closer relationships with customers. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of personalised broadcasting.

We are a start-up, but are already deep into development and proud to be supported by some incredible investors and organisations.


Want to know more?

Whether you just want to see how we are getting on, or are interested in delivery more personalised content to your audience drop us a line.

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