Covatic empowers media companies to deliver exceptional in-app experiences by identifying when, where and how each individual can engage with content – all without needing to expose personal data.

Serendipity – by Covatic

Serendipity is a mobile SDK for iOS and Android. It builds a unique engagement schedule and profile for the user by learning and predicting an individual’s activities, behaviours and preferences.

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Serendipity SDK by Covatic

Achieve personalisation without needing to expose personal data

Privacy is a core principle of Covatic’s solution. Every piece of personal identifiable data is kept safe and secure, never needing to leave the user’s mobile device. Serendipity processes data on-device, only sharing anonymous media opportunities, and statistics to gain overall audience insights.

The future of media apps

We envision a future where media apps are smart enough to preload relevant content based on your day.

Enhanced Audience Metrics

We uncover new physical attributes to build a fuller picture of your users

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Accurate physical data for new audience metrics

Our insights allow you to build dynamic segments based on aggregated real world user actions, such as: activities; commute patterns; points of interests; and media consumption habits. With this new tangible data, content can be better targeted and tailored to suit your audience.

Commute Patterns

Highlight trends and identify segments

Points of Interest

See how many users pass through areas or near points of interest


Understand what people are doing whilst engaging with your app


Are users in transit or in a fixed location


Produce a heat map of your users locations

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